Isle of Man

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"not merely a place to visit, this is the motorbiking pilgrimage to be made time and time again"

On the isolated in The Irish Sea the "Isle of Man", "Manx Grand Prix and Classic TT" races are held every Autumn. Vintage and classic motorcycle fans and enthusiasts from UK, Europe and all over the world gather to watch and take part in these amazing events. Although it is relatively a small island the scenery alone attracts many visitors and biking enthusiasts also ride around the island in between the main events. With countless fans visiting the Island year after year, the Isle of Man is a place you can experience magnificent scenery pretty much unchanged since of the early days of the races over 50 years ago. What attracts many fans is the warm and gentile atmosphere shared through a love of motorcycling and during the races you feel that here, motorcycling is a "culture" You will be treated and array of vintage and iconic bikes, their owners exchange familiar smiles with each other when passing by. Not only owning thee museum pieces, but actually riding them. This publication is a truly collectable edition dedicated to James Grose and focusing on the unique heritage of the "Isle of Man", where all enthusiasts should visit at lease once in their lifetime and a place which simply cannot be neglected as a key part in motorcycle history. This edition of the publication will fascinate you wit all that is universally attractive about the Isle of Man TT race event.